Is Shoulder Resurfacing Right For Me?

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Is Shoulder Resurfacing Right For Me?

If you have been suffering from arthritis of the shoulder, you know how much the pain and stiffness can limit your daily tasks. But weakness, grinding, and discomfort don’t have to be part of your routine anymore. With shoulder resurfacing as an alternative to total shoulder replacement, you can get your life back, faster than ever before.


Shoulder resurfacing is a more conservation procedure, making it ideal for patients with shoulder issues who are not yet in need of a full replacement but want to return to full function. Instead of surgically cutting and removing two separate bones, as is done in full shoulder replacement, only the humeral head of the shoulder is replaced with metal.4209110_l


Only a surgeon can determine if you qualify for resurfacing rather than a replacement. But, usually, patients who have resurfacing suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis, rotator cuff disease/injury, or post-trauma arthritis. If you are ready to take the next step, request an appointment with us today.


Unlike a full replacement, shoulder resurfacing is a less traumatic surgery to your body, and has no risk of fracture at the top of the prosthesis. Resurfacing restores the normal anatomy of the shoulder, and can be done even if the bone is deformed from an accident or injury.  The recovery is shorter, with no risk of fat embolism from surgery, and less pain.  Should there be a need, resurfacing is easily revised to a full replacement.


The benefits are clear, but every surgical procedure carries its own risks. However, with an experienced surgeon and follow-up physical therapy, most patients experience the cessation of pain and a full recovery to functionality that can last for many years.  Shoulder arthritis does not diminish over time; it worsens. Before you find yourself unable to do the things you enjoy, consider whether shoulder resurfacing might be the right solution to your shoulder pain and weakness.




Limited mobility and chronic pain from damaged joints is a tragedy that affects more than just one person — it robs families, loved ones, and communities of so much you have to offer. The specialists at the Advanced Joint Replacement Institute want to help you get back on your feet and out in the world. Our team has the experience, skills, and technology to replace joints using minimally invasive techniques for a faster recovery time, less pain, and less scarring.