Knee Replacement Jackson

Knee Replacement Surgery and Conservative Alternatives for Residents of Jackson, NJ

Knee Replacement Jackson NJNew Jersey Joints is a leading provider of partial and total knee replacement procedures in the Jackson, NJ, area. We may recommend joint replacement surgery for certain individuals who have developed severe knee damage over time due to arthritis, or as a result of a sudden trauma that causes a fracture, torn cartilage, or a torn ligament. However, in our experience, surgery is not necessary in the majority of cases.

Prior to considering knee replacement surgery, the orthopedic specialists at New Jersey Joints will typically recommend a customized program consisting of one or more conservative treatments, such as physical therapy and hyaluronic acid injections, which many of our patients find to be helpful enough to delay or preclude the need for an operation. In the event that nonsurgical options do not provide sufficient relief, the next step may be knee replacement, depending on the patient’s age, weight, lifestyle, and preferences.

Individuals who elect to undergo knee replacement surgery can feel confident in the board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons at New Jersey Joints. Our highly respected surgeons are skilled and experienced in using the latest joint repair techniques to improve joint function and enhance quality of life for our patients. Our knee arthroplasty procedures include:

  • Partial (unicompartmental) knee replacement surgery – A surgeon replaces a damaged area, or compartment, of a knee joint while leaving the healthy areas intact.
  • Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery – This innovative surgical technique can be an effective alternative to traditional open surgery. By working through small, “buttonhole” incisions, a surgeon can potentially reduce pain and trauma to surrounding tissues, and also minimize a patient’s recovery time.

New Jersey Joints is one of the most highly regarded orthopedic practices in the Jackson, New Jersey, area. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and innovative bone and joint care by developing and applying the most advanced treatments for musculoskeletal conditions. We also offer a variety of rehabilitative services, such as physical therapy, on site.

If you’d like to learn more about knee replacement surgery and other treatment options for knee joint damage, contact New Jersey Joints in Jackson, NJ, to schedule a consultation today.

Limited mobility and chronic pain from damaged joints is a tragedy that affects more than just one person — it robs families, loved ones, and communities of so much you have to offer. The specialists at the Advanced Joint Replacement Institute want to help you get back on your feet and out in the world. Our team has the experience, skills, and technology to replace joints using minimally invasive techniques for a faster recovery time, less pain, and less scarring.