Tips For Keeping Shoulders Healthy

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 Tips For Keeping Shoulders Healthy


Good shoulder health means more than an attractive physique. It can mean the difference between being able to engage in daily activities with a full range of motion and being unable to participate in your life because of limited or painful movement in the shoulders and arms. The shoulder, as we know it, is made up of the rotator cuff and the shoulder blade. The shoulder blade, a ball and socket joint, is known as a “mobile but unstable” joint and relies heavily on a healthy rotator cuff for stability and overall health. In a nutshell, good shoulder health is the result of a combination of proper posture and regular conditioning. Our team of joint specialists have compiled a list of ways to keep your shoulders mobile, pain-free, and operating in optimal condition all year long.


Tips For Keeping Your Shoulders Healthy

  1. Training The Cuff: As mentioned above, a healthy rotator cuff is the key to healthy shoulders. Rotator cuff tears are incredibly common among athletes and the elderly. They go 13764733_lundiagnosed all too often due to the fact that pain is not always a symptom. As with all muscles, training this group to perform properly during physical activity will go a long way towards keeping the entire region healthy. A good physical therapist can review your specific health history and offer a series of rotator cuff movement exercises designed specifically to meet your needs.
  2. Warm Up: Warming up before every exercise routine is absolutely crucial to shoulder health. The easiest way to avoid injury is to get your muscles warmed up and ready for action before each and every workout. Spend five to ten minutes warming up with gentle rotations before starting. This goes for the Average Joe, not just athletes. Whether you’re lifting weights or simply shoveling the snow from your driveway, getting these muscles ready to work is easy, quick, and effective.
  3. Straighten Up: It turns out your mother was right. Your posture could be ruining your health. Joint and muscle specialists – as well as physical therapists – are seeing a significant increase in shoulder pain and injuries as a direct result of our work force’s tendency to spend hours hunched over the computer at work. Get up, walk around, work while standing or – at the very least – take regular breaks to stretch your muscles. But, most importantly, mind your posture while working.


If you’re experiencing pain or a lack of range of motion, call NJ Joints today. Or visit our website to request an appointment with one of our experienced doctors and physical therapists. The earlier you seek medical help, the less likely a surgical procedure will be.

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